Prices and options can be different from city to city, please contact me to get all the relevant information related to the packages offered in your city.

Notice Delay

As my availability are limited, I strongly recommend contacting me at least 2 to 3 weeks in advance when possible.


I am available at your location* (Airbnb, hotel, etc.).  Shooting outdoor during spring & summer is also an option. 

*If not centrally located, an extra charge may apply, please inquire.


A deposit is required for all bookings  and are refundable if canceled 21 days prior to the shoot date (40 days for international tours).

Payment Method

The deposit is payable in advance, several payment methods available. The balance at the photo session is payable in cash only.


As soon as the session is booked, you will receive a detailed email with tips for preparation.


Your photos will be available to be selected within 48 hours after the photo shoot. After your final selection, the retouched images be given to you within 2 weeks. If you need any images faster, please notify me when booking your shoot, an additional fee may apply. 

Photo Editing

Professional editing, include :

- Colors & lighting
- Body contouring & light figure correction 
- Blemish removal
- Skin smoothing  
- Cropping / blurring
An extra may apply for :
- Large tattoo removal


All photoshopped images are watermarked with a discreet Minuit de Muse logo. All the non photoshopped high resolution images from the shoot may be purchased for 200$ (without logo).


On request, a complementary wardrobe is available in Montreal & Ottawa area. Featured items include evening dresses and couture lingerie from Agent Provocateur.